The Pokemon Go song

Uhm... WTF... is probably the first word that comes to mind. I have never heard such a bad song. The melody is just so repetitive, and it has these country style electric guitar rifs, it’s kinda nerve wracking. There is this kid walking around with his mobile, trying to catch pokemons. The kid also tries to french-kiss one of them.
As I write this, the video has close to 16 million views. It was uploadet in july 2016, so this only took it about 45 days... That is pretty fast. It also has 248 thousand dislikes (246 thousand likes), so a lot of people hate it (with good reason, it is hideous). The kid looks kinda sick, I’m not sure what the f*ck is wrong with him, but he’s got dark circles under the eyes, maybe he lack vitamins or something like that. His guitar wrestling brother has ever darker circles, maybe it’s a family condition, who knows. All this sounds bad, and it IS. However... Tumbs up for this kid for making a viral video (however bad it may be), and the song IS catchy in some sort of odd way.
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