Which TV serie should I watch next?

I bet you asked yourself that question a few times... We have all been there, we are almost done with “Stranger Things”, only one episode left, and then it’s back to crappy “Z-Nation” or “Scream”... There are just not enough tv series worth watching. Or is there? We’ve found a webpage that will tell you which tv-series you should watch next.
It basicly asks you about what kind of tv-series you like, it does some maths, and come you with a few tv-serie suggestions you haven’t seen already. I’m not quite sure how the algorithm works, but I guess if you say you liked “Breaking Bad”, it will bump up “Better call Saul”, and give you that as a result. So... Does it work? Hell yeah, I’m watching “11.22.63” right now, just because it gave me that result. Great tv show, for sure. It’s based on the Stephen king novel by the same name, and James Franco is the lead character. He has to go back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kenedy. I won’t spoil it here, you can watch it yourself on Hulu (or whereever you watch tv-shows), or even better read the book.